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Vitor Ferreira

At the tender age of 19, Vitor joined the “Comandos” (Red Berets), the most demanding Portuguese military force.This experience gave him the knowledge of real combat, firearms, and military techniques, but more importantly 4 main benefits: Loyalty to the Team, Reliable Work Ethic, Motivation and Communication Skills.

From an early age, Vitor discovered Martial Arts and all benefits that come with it. Karate was his first passion, spending countless hours training to be the best, sometimes with multiple daily training sessions. His reward came a few years later with the call for several regional and national championships, where he won many titles, such as the individual Kata (junior) Portuguese championship in 1986, Kumite (team) and Kata (individual and team) in 1989 Portuguese championship.

With more than 40 years of experience in various Martial Arts, Vitor settled on Krav Maga and had the pleasure to train with great masters, such as Richard Douieb, Amnon Darsa, Najim Elkebar, Sam Lumpini, Paulo Pereira…In 2013 Vitor arrived in Canada to be one of the FEKM (Federation European of Krav Maga) representatives in Canada, soon his work was rewarded and proudly accepted to be the Representative of the Israeli Federation (Krav Maga Core International) from Amnon Darsa and Haim Sasson. In 2021 was named to be the Representative of FIMA (Federation of Israeli Martial Arts) in Quebec, the World’s fastest growing Krav Maga federation.

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Vitor Ferreira
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